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Time For Timer

Time for Timer was the collective title for a short series of public service announcements broadcast on Saturday mornings on the ABC television network starting in the early 1970s. The animated spots featured Timer, a tiny (often ranging on microscopic) cartoon character who represented the sense of “time” in the human body. Timer was in charge of when a person felt it was time to eat, time to sleep, etc. He carried a large pocket watch inside of him, which would often set off an alarm whenever something was about to happen.

2 Comments to Time For Timer

  1. My daughter was over the other day and I asked her if she wanted some of this really neat cheese I bought. She started singing this song. It was so funny – I didn’t think she remembered this stuff.

  2. ack on May 9th, 2011
  3. When I’m slow on the draw and I need somethin’ to chaw, I hanker for a hunka cheese! When my get up and go has got up and went I hanker for a hunka cheese! A snack that is a winner and yet won’t spoil my dinner I hanker for a hunka cheese! lol

  4. Heywood Jablomie on September 24th, 2012

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