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What’s Memory Glands?

Memory Glands is a retro site, a nostalgia site – where everything from our collective past is celebrated. Toys, fashion, music, movies, politics, and more. Because if you can’t learn from your past, you can at least laugh at it.

What kind of content should I submit to Memory Glands?

Think back. Way back. And post that.

I’ve submitted, but I don’t see my stuff. What gives?

We live in the past, man. It takes some time for us to go through all of our content submissions. So be patient, we’ll get to posting it.

I’m looking for some sweet Memory Glands merchandise. Got any?

Not yet. But we will. Soon. And you will be the first to know.

Is Memory Glands free to use?

Of course. But when considering inflation. It shouldn’t be.

How do you use my personal information when I submit content?

Well we don’t. Please see our Privacy Policy.

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