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Padiddle is a nighttime travel game with the objective of earning points by spotting vehicles with a burnt-out headlight. You must say “Padiddle” and hit the ceiling of the car as fast as you can, while driving. Whoever calls it first gets a point. The person with the highest score is the winner.

The game is sometimes known as kadiddle, and is sometimes associated with punching another passenger in the car, rather than hitting the roof. However, punching usually occurs when a padiddle (or kadiddle) is seen outside of a vehicle (such as when walking around at night).

Hooters is a racier version of the game where the last person to hit the ceiling is supposed to take off an article of clothing. The first person naked loses, and the game is reset, however the loser must remain naked until the end of the car ride.

A player may only win back their article of clothing once they are fully naked. If a person is to call a headlight out when they are fully nude, they may take back on piece of clothing, but are allowed none more. Clothing may only be put back on when the destination is reached.

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