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Pepsi Blue


2 Comments to Pepsi Blue

  1. LMAO these mods are idiots lol it was produced in 2002

  2. troof be told on March 14th, 2014
  3. Troof, it’s very rare if these Mod’s ever get the decade right. As an example, there’s a SWAT Halloween costume shown and they listed it as 80’s. If they weren’t so f’in lazy and would do a 10-second search, they would get the right information. Instead, they just post what they think it is and look like idiots.

    As for Pepsi Blue… I’m a major Pepsi fan (it’s all I buy) and even I say Pepsi Blue was garbage. I tried it once and yuk. Disgusting.

  4. BB on March 15th, 2014

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