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Lip Lickers

Lip balm from the 80’s. Click here to watch someone play with the case »

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Noozles, also known as The Wonderous Koala Blinky, is a 26-episode anime by Nippon Animation Company. It depicts the adventures of a 12-year old girl named Sandy and her koala friends, Blinky and Pinky, who are from the extra-dimensional realm of Koalawalla Land. Noozles aired in Japan on the Fuji TV network in its original run from July to December 1984, with reruns continuing until 1987; an edited, dubbed version later aired in the United States on Nickelodeon from November 1988 through April 1993. The show usually aired at 1pm on the weekdays, immediately following another koala themed cartoon, Adventures of the Little Koala. It has been reported that the series has recently begun airing once again in Japan on AT-X. Click here to watch the opening theme to Noozles »

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Mr. Phipps Pretzel Chips

Another delicious food that has fallen over the years. Click here to watch a commercial »

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Atari Lynx

The Atari Lynx is a 16-bit handheld game console that was released by Atari Corporation in 1989. The Lynx holds the distinction of being the world’s first handheld electronic game with a color LCD. The system is also notable for its forward-looking features, advanced graphics, and ambidextrous layout. The Lynx was released in 1989, the same year as Nintendo’s best-selling, monochromatic Game Boy. However, the Lynx failed to achieve the sales numbers required to attract quality third party developers, and was eventually abandoned. Click here to watch some nerd give you his review of the Lynx »

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McDonald’s Olympic Scratch & Win Game

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