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Mac Tonight

Mac Tonight was a mascot introduced by McDonald’s restaurants in 1986. He was intended to advertise McDonald’s late night hours to adults. He had a crescent moon for a head, wore a suit and sunglasses, and was depicted as being a jazzy lounge singer. The name was a play on words of the song “Mack the Knife”, made popular in America by Bobby Darin. The song that played over the advertisements, called “It’s Mac Tonight”, was also a variant on that song, but with McDonald’s-themed lyrics, such as those featured in the original 1986 commercial:
“When the stars come out to play, babe
A twinkling show, ooh — dinner! — out of sight
Yeah, the night time is golden light time — big dipper!
At McDonald’s (showtime), it’s Mac Tonight!”

Mac Tonight is the only character in the McDonald’s world to not appear in the McDonaldland advertisements. Click here to watch a commercial with Mac Tonight »

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Sharkleberry Fin

Possibly the greatest Kool-Aid flavor ever created. Thoughts? Click here to see the commercial »

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In 1993, NBA player Larry Johnson appeared on the sitcom Family Matters as his alter ego “Grandmama”, who became Steve Urkel’s teammate in a basketball tournament. Click here to watch Grandmama in a Converse commercial »

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Dinosaucers is an animated television series created by DIC Entertainment in association with Ellipse Programmé that originally aired in syndication in the USA in 1987 by Coca-Cola Telecommunications. 65 total episodes were made and the show only lasted one season during the 1987-1988 television season. The cartoon was animated overseas in Japan by Madhouse.

There were originally plans to release a Dinosaucers toyline, and prototype figures were produced; however the line was scrapped after the show was cancelled. The toys included Stego, Bronto-Thunder, Allo, Bonehead, Plesio, Quackpot, Ankylo, and Genghis Rex. Click here to see those toys and watch the intro to the Dinosaucers cartoon »

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funny caboodle photo

“From your first blush, Caboodles was with you to hold and protect your most valued treasures. A keeper of secrets and life organizer, Caboodles is still your trusted friend. Whether you’re a neat freak, a make-up maven, or a treasure collector, Caboodles helps you get it all together.”

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