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Candy Land Bingo

“Candy Land Bingo is a delightful color-recognition treat for your children. It is composed of two different games with different objectives. In game #1, players try to be the first to place four gingerbread men in a row. In game #2, players try to completely fill the entire board with gingerbread men.”

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E.T. Shoes

Smart thinking Buster Brown. Click here to watch a commercial from 1982 »

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The Armatron was a toy robot from the 1980s made by TOMY and distributed by Radio Shack in the United States. It consisted of a crane-like arm with two attached joysticks which could be manipulated to pick up small objects. It is essentially similar to industrial robots of the 1980s, though it is strictly user-controlled, with no automation built in.

The Armatron existed in both the original fixed version and a mobile version with a wired remote. It included an “energy level” indicator (actually a countdown timer) and a series of objects such as boxes and spheres designed to be manipulated by the arm. Models with alternate decals or coloring were marketed under slightly different names, including the Super Armatron and the Armatron II. Click here to watch the Armatron in action »

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Mossimo is a mid-range American apparel company, founded in 1986 by designer Mossimo Giannulli, and currently owned by Iconix Brand Group. Mossimo specializes in youth, women, teenage, and adult male clothing such as shirts, jeans, jackets, socks, underwear and accessories. It draws from street, urban and sport styles.

Currently sold the US in 1700 stores, with international licenses in Australia, South America, Mexico, Japan and India totaling 600 stores.

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Otter Pops

Otter Pops are a brand of frozen snacks sold in the United States. The product consists of a plastic tube filled with flavored sugary liquid. After freezing, one end of the tube is cut off, allowing the frozen juice to be eaten, something like a Popsicle without a stick.

Otter Pops were introduced by National Pax in 1970, to rival Jel Sert’s similar product, Fla-Vor-Ice. In 1996, Jel Sert acquired the rights to Otter Pops, as well. During the 2000s, Jel Sert modified the recipe for Otter Pops to add more fruit juice. The new formula equates to three grams of sugar and 15 calories in each one-ounce serving. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Chicago. Otter Pops come in eight flavors, each named after a different character:

Blue (blue raspberry) – Louie-Bloo Raspberry
Pink (tropical punch) – Poncho Punch
Yellow (lemon) – Rip Van Lemon (discontinued in the mid-1970s)
Green (lemon-lime) – Sir Isaac Lime
Red (strawberry) – Strawberry Short Kook
Purple (grape) – Alexander the Grape
Orange (orange) – Little Orphan Orange
Dark Green (kiwi) – Kiwi Kensie
Clear (mystery) – Mystery Miles
Jel-Sert has also released a line of tropical flavors, distinguished by their lighter colors:
Light Blue (berry punch)
Red (watermelon)
White (pineapple)
Pink (tropical punch)
Light green (citrus punch)
Yellow (banana)

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